Living Your Best Life! is a health education program focused on chronic disease prevention and awareness in urban minority communities.

Chronic medical diseases continue to have a disproportionate impact on minority communities. Though medical research has made great strides in the diagnosis and management of diseases such as Hypertension, High Cholesterol, and Type 2 Diabetes, the effectiveness of the current approaches in disease prevention lag in communities of color.

Living Your Best Life! was designed to promote chronic disease prevention, through health awareness education in urban communities through live, interactive community sessions, health fair participation, and a video health series.

Since 2012, Living Your Best Life! has been implemented in communities and faith-based institutions in the Bronx and Harlem areas of New York City. Interactive, community sessions have been held with up to 300 participants on topics such as Obesity, Diabetes, and High Blood Pressure.

In the spring of 2015, in collaboration with the Greater New York Conference of SDA, production began for a “Health Minute” video series, on health topics from Cancer Screening to Heart Disease. These 13 episodes will be made available to the public for use as online aids, visual aids for a “Health Minute” segment during the transition between church services, aids for Health fairs and events, or as a part of a church’s health ministry program.